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Tom is a chartered Physiotherapist who is currently First Team Rehabilitation Physiotherapist at a Premier League Football Club in London. Prior to becoming a Physiotherapist, Tom played cricket for Essex and the MCC as a bowler, where he had the opportunity to play around the world, including Mozambique, Botswana, Ireland, at Lord's Cricket Ground and bowl at some of the worlds best players including Sachin Tendulkar. Injuries whilst playing began his interest in Physiotherapy.  


Tom graduated from The University of East London and began his career in the NHS. Tom has extensive experience in a variety of sports such as rugby, cricket and boxing before moving to work in football full time. He currently works to rehabilitate and prepare some of the worlds best international players for the Premier League, international tournaments and recently the Champions League final. Tom has rehabilitated the current England FC captain back from his biggest injury to date. But has also worked with celebrities, Olympians, and boxing champions. Tom has also travelled internationally and visited some of the world's most renowned sports rehabilitation centres and has incorporated these practices into ZONE SIX.


Tom's extensive experience means he has worked with a variety of different patients, in settings from in hospital and at home, from amateur sportsman to elite athletes at the height of their game. Tom has also completed a Masters in Sports Medicine, Exercise and Health at University College London with a special interest in tendinopathy.

Tom is a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy,  the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists and the Football Medical and Performance Association.

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Cristina has worked successfully for an international retailer in various roles such as senior management and most recently in digital project management, rolling out new innovative technology to the retailer's 800+ stores across the UK. Her broad business experience led her to work with Tom to be the creative force and the day-to-day operator behind ZONE SIX.


Cristina has enjoyed a variety of sports including tennis, netball and cricket. Her main love has been tennis, having grown up playing and coaching locally until going to university where she took up cricket, winning the BUCS Midlands League. Cristina continues to play tennis at The Avenue Tennis Club in Loughton and is a qualified fitness instructor currently completing her Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification.


Cristina has always valued good training and coaching which tailors to the client, their goals, abilities and ambitions. She has also always valued community spirit that a personal, local clinic and studio can build. Coupled with first hand knowledge and understanding of good customer care and experience, Cristina has put this at the forefront of ZONE SIX's ethos.

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Paul Webb is one of the most experienced coaches working today. A former professional athlete, Paul’s life took an unexpected turn when injury caused him to retire prematurely.

A deep internal drive that he had unfinished business in the sporting world led Paul to travel across the world to qualify as one of the first Strength Coaches in the UK. After setting up his own facility, Paul spent almost twenty years coaching athletes, of all levels (weekend warrior to Olympic and world champions) from all over the world in multiple sports.

He also authored two best selling books on strength and performance that have continually sold well over the past few years.

During this time Paul trained a wide variety of people out of his award winning gym in East London and began to change the focus of his coaching philosophy by incorporating mindset and peak performance coaching alongside his strength and performance programmes.

The results were outstanding and led Paul to be recruited by some of the most well known mindset coaches in the world to help them set up their own mindset and lifestyle coaching programmes.

Paul came to a decision a few years ago that running the gym that had been successful for almost two decades no longer served the direction he was going in, so after selling it Paul drew on years of experience both in his own life and through working with thousands of clients, and travelled across the world, from the UK to the US and even to Saudi Arabia, working with hollywood actors, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, Olympians & Royalty, helping all to achieve levels of fitness, performance and success in their lives that far exceeded what they expected.




Tom is a UK Strength and Conditioning Association Accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach with over 10 years experience working within elite sport and fitness. Currently Tom works at a north London Premiership Rugby Union team as Lead Strength and Conditioning for the Women’s team. Prior to this Tom spent 4 years at Women’s Super League Team Reading FC, in both the academy and senior teams. Tom graduated with a BSc in Sports Science, completed his MSc in Strength and Conditioning at Liverpool John Moores University and achieved professional accreditation with the UKSCA.


Tom has had a range of hands-on experience working with a variety of people, from university and England prospective Hockey players, National level Alpine Ski athletes, junior ITF tennis players as well as everyday athletes working as a S&C coach and Personal Trainer. Tom has been successful in working with a large number of youth athletes within both academy rugby and football, having also worked in the FA Girls Talent Pathway helping to develop the next generation of Lionesses. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing athletes achieve their goals and do more than they thought possible.

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Following the completion of an Masters in Strength and Conditioning, Jodie has worked as a coach with a variety of individuals including a GB Paralympic athlete during their lead up to the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo, a Women’s North London Premiership Rugby Union team, a Youth Athletes Academy of a North London Premiership Rugby Union team and two track and field para-athletes.

Prior to graduating with her Masters, Jodie completed a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science whilst obtaining a Level 3 Personal Trainer and Level 2 Gym Instructor qualification. She now also holds a UKSCA associate membership and continues to attain further qualifications.

Jodie comes from a dance and gymnastics background but has a more recent interest in Olympic Weightlifting where she has competed at Crystal Palace, London’s National Sports Centre. Jodie’s previous participation in sport has allowed her to understand the importance of high quality, effective coaching fuelling her to deliver sessions which enable other athletes and individuals to perform at their best.

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Jodie moved to London 11 years ago to pursue her career in Physiotherapy having grown up in a seaside town in Essex. She graduated from the University of East London (UEL) in 2014 with a First Class BSc (Hons) degree. Jodie went on to work in the NHS and now specialises in musculoskeletal physiotherapy and is trained in acupuncture (AACP).


Jodie has always been very active, and the steppingstones to where she is today started as a power boat driver teaching wakeboarding and water skiing in 2000. This led her into personal and group training. When Jodie moved to London in 2010 she trained as a sports masseuse at the London School of Sports Massage and worked closely with body builders and boxers in preparation for their competitions. This led to her Jodie beginning her Physiotherapy degree. Since then she has worked with celebrities, international footballers and British and Commonwealth boxing champions.


Jodie has always been very much into her gym and dabbles in CrossFit from time to time. She has enjoyed extreme sports growing up such as wakeboarding, kitesurfing and jet skiing. She currently does flyboarding in the summer months and is a keen snowboarder in the winter months.




Mark specialises in the treatment and management of both new and long-standing musculoskeletal injuries. 


He has an in-depth knowledge of anatomy and pairs this with strength training and rehabilitation principles to help you perform at your best. He has a keen interest in physical performance and has a background in physiology and sports science prior to his physiotherapy degree. Mark has also taken his education further and is currently completing his MSc in Advanced Musculoskeletal Practice at Brunel University.  


Mark is experienced in treating a variety of health conditions, including new injuries, post surgical patients and spinal conditions. Through his work with the NHS he regularly liaises with the neurosurgery teams at the Royal London Hospital and orthopaedic teams at Homerton University Hospital and several GP practices to deliver the best possible care.


Mark can help you work through injuries and uses the most up to date evidence based practice to build bespoke rehabilitation plans to help you reach your goals. He can help you to address any underlying deficits or restrictions to reduce the risk of future injury. 


Mark has a personal history in high level sport, namely rugby, and understands what it takes to perform at your best.


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Liam is a performance nutritionist and owner of pH Nutrition. He specialises in sports nutrition, CrossFit nutrition and optimising health. Having originally trained in Sports Therapy, he completed an MSc in Exercise and Nutrition Science. He has worked in elite sport for over 12 years and has seen the impact nutrition can have on health, performance and recovery.


Previous experience includes -

  • 3 years at Tottenham Hotspur Football Club

  • 3 years at Republic of Ireland national team

  • 8 years at Fulham Football Club


His philosophy is that of simplifying nutrition. Liam keeps himself up to date with the latest evidence but take this and apply it in a practical and achievable manner. The majority of his work includes consulting for gym members, CrossFit athletes and those just looking to be healthier. Liam and his team of nutritionists provide nutritional guidance for members of THE Z6 CLUB.